prometheus is a distributed digital image archive that currently makes more than 3,496,000 images of over 120 databases from institutes, research facilities and museums researchable on a common user interface.

Situated at the Institute of Art History of the University of Cologne, prometheus is supported by the non-profit association prometheus e.V. which promotes the ongoing developments of the digital media for science and research.

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Image series of the week

Lorraine Pewter Foundry Workshop
François Briot’s Relief Pewter, around 1600 – François Briot is regarded as the main master of pewter working around 1600 in Mömpelgard, Württemberg, now Montbéliard. | more...


With planning of our social media activities in the second half of the year, our next Advent calendar is of course an integral part. This year, we want to use pictures with numbers from all over the world, preferably your pictures with numbers from all over the world. We have already posted a few examples under the hashtag #prom_zahlenausallerwelt (translation: numbers from around the world).

If you are currently traveling around the world, seeing numbers, taking photos and sharing them with the hashtag, we would love to repost these photos as a story first. At the end of October, we will then raffle off some “prometheus prizes” among the participants and ask everyone via DM whether we may use the photo for the #promvent24 Advent calendar. Are you in with your photos?

You can access our Instagram account directly via the left-hand navigation bar on our homepage. In addition to the updated icons for X , Mastodon, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Newsletter, the NFDI4Culture Registry Badge is now also integrated there. The registry is a service of the NFDI4Culture project, which collects and records metadata about existing research tools and data services that are specifically suitable for cultural studies. It provides a simple overview and prevents duplicate developments.